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Support and Service

Patients and clients, our raison d’être

At Medical Modular System we offer our clients a full range of services that allows us to meet all the needs required for a comprehensive execution of projects on logistics improvement; that includes from initial advice and consultancy for definition of the most optimal solution, to Customer Care support to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment and software throughout its life.

Technical office

From our Technical Office we offer our customers assistance and technical advice on the entire modular product range, in the different phases of a project:

  • Sizing and optimisation of the equipment required
  • Preparation of blueprints and 3D simulations and renders
  • Coordination of assembly and installation of modular equipment in the Centers
  • Assembly validation, audit and delivery certification
  • Post-sale customer care for repairs of modular equipment
  • Management of maintenance contracts and spare parts for modular equipment

Additionally, the Technical Office leads the designs of the R&D projects that are undertaken internally by the company.

Project logistics

Our Operations Department has extensive experience in the execution of projects both domestically and internationally, which allows us to provide this thorough knowledge to our clients.

In each project, our Operations Department manages and guarantees the correct execution of:

  • Storage, packing and freight of goods
  • Transport and delivery of equipment
  • Document management (packing list, origin certificates, invoices, etc.)
  • Export/import procedures
  • Equipment coordination: assembly, installation, implementation and/or training of users/technicians


Our Brainware Department provides consulting services for the optimisation of the logistics activity. Our extensive experience allows us to address projects regarding performance management, for both managers and users, as well as provide data-based improvement actions.

With our Data Analytics tools we can offer consulting services based on the exploitation of the day-to-day internally generated data in the Centre from its regular operations. This allows us to carry out programs of on-going improvement of the logistics activity (for example, optimisation of service warehouses) as well as providing centres with management and supervision tools adapted to their needs, such as, for example, hand-held panels and EWS dashboards.

Our Brainware Dept. works in close collaboration with the Technical Office, in order to ensure that the information generated by the former is transferred in an efficient and optimal storage solution.

IT and Electromechanics

Our IT and Electromechanics Department ensures the correct functioning of our installed equipment, both hardware and software, throughout its usage life; for this we have a team of professionals with extensive experience and a tele-assistance service and/or remote access to equipment that guarantee a quick response in case of incident/breakdown.

In each project, in coordination with the Center, our IT & EM Dept.:

  • Manages the delivery and start-up of equipment and software
  • Collaborates in the IT integration with different client software
  • Provides training sessions for users and technicians
  • Monitors remotely the up-time of the equipment
  • Coordinates the solution in case of incident
  • Manages contracts for preventive and/or corrective maintenance of equipment and installed software systems