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Garment Management System

The Garment 24/7 in Point of Consumption

The MMStex® Garment Management System is an integral solution for the logistical management of work clothes (textiles and non-textiles) and/or bedding at the point of consumption, which guarantees a 24/7 service. For the storage and delivery of the clean garment, there are disposable garment dispensing modules with RFID technology for managing the traceability of the garment, and/or smart locker modules with access control and RFID technology for management of inventory/consumption after closing the door. For the return of dirty garments (washable), hopper-type equipment with RFID technology is available to manage traceability of returned garments.

The system is completed with the MMStex® Software Manager, a web application that guarantees on-line and real time management of garments, users and equipments.

The compact, scalable and modular design (external and internal) of the equipment, the possibility of mixed configurations (dispenser and locker) and the reduced operating times (both consumption and returns, as well as replacement) make the MMStex system® unique in the market.

System Components

MMStex® Dispensing Unit

MMStex® Smart Locker Unit

MMStex® Return Unit

MMStex® Software Manager

Operational Circuit