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Transport & Distribution System

Modularity and Functionality on Wheels

The new system MyModularStorage® (MyMS®) is a complete range of modular equipment with an scalable configuration (shelves and trolleys), which integrates in a single system the two most used storage systemas in the sanitary world: the wire shelf and the module ISO3394/HTM71.

With only 6 standard elements, the MyMS® system allows the user to have an “infinite versatility” of custom configurations for storage, transportation and distribution of diverse products (supplies, drugs, textile garment, etc.) in the sanitary environment.

The incorporation of the MMSlog® Modular Organisational System as a storage support with standard dimensions according to ISO 3394/HTM71 for MyMS entire range of shelves and trolleys guarantees easy exchange and full compatibility of the line with the full range of MMSlog® Modular equipment (closet, shelves and trolleys) for logistical use inside health centres; besides facilitating in both MMSlog® and MyMS® systems the “high density transport/storage” and convenient accessibility to the product.

System Components

MMSlog® Closed Modular Trolley

MMSlog® Open Modular Trolley

MyMS® Modular Trolley

MMSlog® Multifunctional Trolley

Operational Circuit