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Kanban Management System

Simplicity and Minimalism
Managing Product Logistics

The MMSlog® Kanban Management System is a complete solution for the storage and management of replacement orders of stocks/intake of sanitary product in the service warehouses (peripherals).

For product storage there is a complete range of MyMS® and MMSlog® Modular Equipment (cabinets, shelves and trolleys) of modular and scalable design, which internally uses the MMSlog® Modular Organisational System of standardized dimensions according to ISO3394/HTM71, in order to have compact high-density storage and easy accessibility to the product.

For the management of Kanban replenishment orders, the system incorporates the hardware device MMSlog® Kanban Box which assists the nursing staff reading the Kanban order labels in the service, and the MMSlog® Kanban Manager software so that the Department of Logistics can perform an on-line management of all the information generated and required in the course of replanishment requests for material from the warehouses/medical kits: reading of the device status, automated captures of all the readings, stock agreements in each service store, locations of the products in each store, etc.

System Components

MMSlog® & MyMS® Modular Shelving

MMSlog® Modular Cabinet

MyMS® High Density Shelving

MMSlog® Closed Modular Trolley

MMSlog® Kanban Box

MMSlog® Kanban Manager Software

Operational Circuit