2002: Incorporation of the Company
2002: Launch of the MMSlog® Kanban Management System Line
2003: National Consolidation and Expansion
2005: Internationalization
2006: Launch of the MMSlog® Transport & Distribution System Line
2007: 1st Participation in Medica Show (Düsseldorf)
2008: Entry into the Oceania Markets
2010: Entry into the Latin American Markets
2012: Consolidation “10 year anniversary”
2012: Launch of the MMStex® Garment Management System Line
2014: Entry into the Asian and Middle East Markets
2015: Entry into the North American Markets
2016: Launch of the MMSlog® Smart Cabinet System Line
2017: Reinforcement of the Brainware Line
Incorporation of specialist teams in Data Analytics
2018: Launch of the MMSpharma® Smart Shelving System Line
2018: Launch of the MyModularStorage® Line